Fairivew Reformed Church

Our First Pastor, Rev. Abraham D. Wilson

Since 1837, the Fairview Reformed Church has been a vibrant and welcoming Christian community, teaching and practising biblical truth and providing Christian fellowship to all who seek it. We have a unique and inspiring story to tell- a history that promotes faith in The Living God. We are the oldest Reformed congregation west of the Allegheny Mountains. Dutch and Huguenot pioneers founded the church. They were primarily from Bridgewater Township in Somerset County, New Jersey, and were descendants of New Netherlands settlers who brought the Reformed faith of John Calvin to the New World in the 1620ís. From the beginning, they shared their faith with those in surrounding communities, and today the congregation reflects the general ethnicities of the area, reinforced by the descendants of more recent Dutch immigrants who settled in Iowa and Michigan. We welcome you and offer you the Peace of Christ, whether you are our neighbor or visiting us from the other side of the earth. Our members were raised in a wide variety of churches. If you cherish the biblical faith, you will feel at home among us. The atmosphere is reverent and friendly. New members are always welcome.

Since its inception, the Fairview Reformed Church has been a member of the Reformed Church in America. Many of the pioneers who founded our congregation, and many current members, are descendants of the earliest followers of Calvin who fled from France to New Netherlands after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. By the time they reached Fairview, most were Dutch-speaking and intermarried with Dutch and English families.

Feel free to come and visit us. Enjoy our genuine welcome and join us in praising and worshipping God. Feel the timelessness and reverence of our historic building, as you are inspired by authentic preaching from the Word of God. Please know that this barely skims the surface our church and town history, if you are interested for a more complete picture of the history of Fairview Reformed Church or the town of Fairview, please contact, Mary Jo Willis.