The Reformed Dutch Church of Hyde Park


Our church proudly owns an ODELL - Tracker Pipe Organ, originally installed in 1888, in a landed gentleman, a Mr. Walter Langdon.. The organ is now 113 years old, and has an estimated value of one quarter of a million dollars.

This organ has not been used for several years and is badly in need of restoration. Many families now attending church recall when this was a hand pumped organ. The task was performed by young boys, for twenty-five cents a Sunday.

Mr. Ken Stark, a member of our congregation, has taken on the tremendous task of restoring this organ. After a year of work, the organ is playable but additional work is required. The reed pipes, and the oboe rank have been removed, and they are to be taken to the Eastern Organ Company in Maryland to be refurbished and tuned.

The original finish for the organ case and pipes have been identified, and we will strive to match it after removing the current finish.

Mrs. Kristen Farmer, of Winston Salem NC, a professional pipe decorator, has generously volunteered to start the final design and colors for the twenty eight facade pipes. She will decorate the two different designs on the pipes, establish the base colors and restore the integrate stencil work. She is performing this work free. What a grand gesture!

A grant has been given by the Robert Goelet Foundation of NYC for this project. This grant will allow us to establish an endowment to repair and tune the organ as needed.

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