The Reformed Dutch Church of Hyde Park

Our Church's Early History

At the close of the Revolutionary War a need of a church to serve the community of "Stoutenburg's Landing" as Hyde park was then called, was urgent. The affiliations of the people in the area were Dutch Reformed, Episcopalian, and Presbyterian. In early 1789 a union church was formed, called "the Stoutenburgh Religious Society".A Mr. Luke Stoutenburgh at his death willed * acre of land for a church and burial purposes.

In 1789 the church was built. and in November the building was occupied. At the first community meeting, it was decided that the first of the denominations proving itself independently strong enough to support a church was to have the church and property. Events proved that the Dutch Reformed was the first to fulfill this condition. In 1792 the Reformed Dutch Church was constituted by the Classis of Kingston, New York.

About 1803 the village suffered a slight change in name and the church incorporated under the name of the Reformed Church of Stoutsburg. By 1817, the village changed it's name again and the church changed it's name to the Reformed Church of Hyde Park. This name has continued to the present day.

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