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A Brief History 
of Fairfield Reformed Church...

           The Fairfield Reformed Church of Fairfield, N.J., began in 1720 when Dutch settlers in the Passaic Valley decided to establish a congregation. Receiving recognition from the Classis of Amsterdam, it became the twelfth congregation of the Reformed Church in America in the state of New Jersey.

           Interestingly, the church of that day met more than spiritual needs. In addition to being a people who joined together for praise, worship, and spiritual edification, the church, through its pastor, provided education for the children of the community. In fact, the first state school building in Fairfield belonged to the Fairfield Reformed Church and still remains as part of its fellowship and education building.

           During the first 85 years, the congregation worshipped at the present corner of Hollywood Ave. and Fairfield Rd. Its first building, a structure of log, mud, and stone was destroyed by fire in 1744. A second octagonal building was used until 1805.

           At the turn of the century it was decided to erect a new church building 1/2 mile north of the old one. Made of brownstone from a Little Falls quarry, the new structure was constructed in 1804. Several decades later a tall white steeple and a balcony were added.

           Today the congregation continues to worship in the same historic building and the tall white steeple remains physically prominent in the community. Most importantly, however, the Fairfield Reformed Church remains a people committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the authority of Godís Word. Central to its ministry are worship, Sunday School, Bible studies, evangelism, personal witness, and helping people in need.

Over the years, many changes have taken place in Fairfield Church, but its mission is still the same - reaching people for Jesus Christ.

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Last modified: July 29, 2019