Our Beliefs

Who We Are

We are men, women and children just like you. We are a part of the Reformed Church in America, formerly known as the Dutch Reformed Church. The Reformed Church is the oldest protestant church in the United States, having originated in 1628. Next year, Third Reformed Church will mark it’s 175th Anniversary.

What We Believe

Above all our faith is centered in Christ. Our every need finds its answer in Jesus Christ. The final authority in the Reformed faith is Holy Scripture, the living word of God spoken to everyone though the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit takes the Word of God and makes it real and actual in our every day lives. This has always been, and will always be the authentic wellspring of Reformed faith. (RCA.org)

What is our Mission

By serving others, we serve God. We are a small congregation and are always seeking to find ways to be more involved in our local community. One of the ways in which we do that now is through the operation of the Olive Branch Thrift Shop.
The olive branch was sent to Noah by God as a sign of peace. It is also used as a symbol to ‘extend the olive branch’ of friendship from person to person. It is as symbol of peace and good will. Our thrift shop is open to all as a symbol of goodwill and service to the community. We currently operate on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm. The entrance is right off our parking lot on Kate Street. We expect to be expanding the thrift shop hours in February to include an early evening during the week.