Christian Education

Rich in the history of the Hudson Valley, the Tappan Reformed Church’s Christian Education program has grown for over 315 years to meet the challenges of our modern and diverse community.  We have developed a variety of educational, spiritual and community building activities and programs, such as: Vacation Bible School, helping to feed the Homeless with “Helping Hands”, People to People, TRC’s Community Thanksgiving dinner, along with Disaster Relief projects and more!  We also provide many special “Family” events throughout the year.  They include but are not limited to:  Family “Camp Outs (or ins)”, family picnics, Movie nights, Game Nights, Craft Parties and Karaoke Nights!

WHO:  Children of all ages, family and friends
WHERE:  The Tappan Reformed Church, 32 Old Tappan Road, Tappan, NY 10983
WHAT:  Our Christian Education Program and its activities!
WHEN:  Throughout the Calendar year!
RSVP:  Tappan Reformed Church 845.359.1694
e-mail or in person

Some of WHAT we offer:

Church School

Our church school meets Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM from the Sunday after Labor Day till mid June.

Our young disciples depart from our 9:30 AM Family Service in the Manse Barn to their classes while their parents and families continue the worship experience, followed by a relaxed collation /coffee hour.

Our purpose is for the children to learn about God and Christianity though Christ centered, scripture based curriculum that follow our Reformed tradition.  We also offer a special “family” Christmas Eve service at 5:00 PM where the Nativity comes to life. In the summer we offer a wonderful Vacation Bible school program for young disciples ages 5-9!

Visitors are always welcome to join in throughout the year and we welcome all new young disciples to our program whenever they “feel the spirit” to join!

Children’s Choir

At Special times throughout the year our children And young people come together to lift their voices and practice for our children’s choir.  They join special worship services such as Christmas Eve and Easter to uplift and brighten the experience.

Interchurch Youth Group

Young people ages 10-17 participate in an interchurch youth group with other local churches in Rockland County.  Those currently in our program are:  Tappan Reformed Church, Piermont Reformed Church, Greenbush Presbyterian Church and Naurashaun Presbyterian Church.

They share their commonality through games, movies, music, discussions and excursions/retreats which help our young people to develop a sense of Christian teachings, while enjoying a non-discriminatory atmosphere.
Meetings are Sunday nights from 5-7 PM, starting September and continuing through April/May. There is small fee which helps to provide for the dinners and some activities throughout the sessions. Please refer to our church calendar for meeting time and church location.

Confession Of Faith/Confirmation

Our Confessions of Faith group was once called Confirmation.  However, The Reformed Church in America has revisioned confirmation into a challenge for youth, their parents and mentors to live as disciples.  The hope and expectation is that people in the confession of faith experience can say that this is a continuation of their lifelong journey of faith.  Pastor and Christian futurist Leonard Sweet sees Christian education as a process where we never graduate.  We are Disciples of Christ who grow in our faith commitment to be Christ’s hands and feet in our community.

Confession of faith disciples will live our Reformed Church in American standards and confessions in their first year by developing a credo of belief.  The credo reflects our foundation that we live our lives with sovereign and loving God as we see this presence in those we serve.  In the second year, these disciples continue their journey in service with one another as they serve the community.

In these formative two years we will put to work the images and calling of the Gospels as we learn together that God’s Word helps us see the Holy Spirit at work in our mission to the community that God entrusts to us.  Also, we will further challenge ourselves to affirm our confessions in the way that we can then share our lifelong discipleship in Christ as ongoing Reformation with those we serve.

Our journey with the Pastor, Elders and Deacons of the church begin in the seventh grade with our basic confessions and rich history.  We forge these teachings in the individual credo statements of belief as we commit our discipleship in the second year

Our vision comes from our baptism that as Reformed Christians we join the body of Christ to affirm and uphold one another in our discipleship with Christ as our coach and mentor.

Skeptical, curious, and challenged are just a few of the feelings disciples struggle or celebrate everyday.  Called as disciples we live and never graduate in our service to reflect Christ’s teachings in our lives.  God speed in our journey together.

Adult Education

Do you want to explore your spiritual life?  Would you like to connect with your Christian Heritage?  Would you like to find a way to center yourself; body and mind through spiritual inspiration?

Come and join the Adult Bible study programs that we offer during the year.  Meeting times are on Wednesdays for a lunch discussions or after dinner.  Join our Pastor in the discussions that could enlighten you!

New Member Classes

New to the area?  New to our congregation? New to the Reformed religion?  We have a welcoming experience with specialized meeting schedules to meet your and our Congregations needs.  Meetings are presented by our Pastor and Elders and answer your questions, dismiss the myths and explain the church.  All meetings are designed to help you on your journey of Christianity at the Tappan Reformed Church.  The culmination of these classes is a “Profession of Faith” service where the new members are welcomed joyously into our congregation.