Community Church of Hoboken Sunday Worship

We feature biblical preaching, inspiring music, and an inviting and flexible liturgy.

Our Liturgy: We have a warm and friendly atmosphere. Our service is always well structured, but never confined, and you won't have to fumble with a pile of books. We welcome you to be yourself, dress as you like, and listen quietly or sing loud. We don't manipulate anyone's emotions, we respect you.

Our preaching: The sermon is always on the Bible, explaining the history, and giving the meaning for today. What is God like? What does God want? What are we supposed to believe, and what are our choices?

Our prayers: Every week we gather in a large circle around the church in order to pray. We pray for all sorts and conditions of humanity. And we give time for silent prayers.

Our Communion: At least once a month we celebrate the Lord's Supper, inviting any baptized person to Communion, Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox.

Our music: We enjoy the ministry of a wonderful organist and choir director. Our choir sings seasonally, and we often have guest soloists. We enjoy our historic 1976 Jardine pipe organ, just recently restored, but we also use our grand piano. Our music is uplifting, lively, and flexible. We sing the great hymns of the faith as well as modern songs.