Community Church of Hoboken: A Note about Our Church


We don't think there's any church quite like ours. We have a wonderful combination of people in our congregation: American-born, Asian, white, black, Indian, old, young, rich, and poor. We have a unique worship style that combines structure and freedom, creeds and choruses. We believe the historic Christian faith, that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he died on the cross and rose again, and that we must be united with Christ by faith. We believe in such things as the Trinity and the forgiveness of sins. But if you have questions and doubts, you are also welcome here.

Hoboken is a special city, with special joys and special burdens. Our church is part of Hoboken's history, and we mix "old-timers" with new residents in a cozy fellowship. The Metropolitan area is both wonderful and daunting, exciting and exhausting. Eventually you'll need to rediscover that soul you've been neglecting, or you'll remember the church you went to in your youth. We invite you to join us in a congregation that mixes people who have been lifelong church members and those who have just recently come to faith in God.

We invite you to look us up and visit. We are building a congregation here that gives a place for everyone.