photo of Pastor Aaron

Rev. Aaron Schulte has been our minister since 2012. A graduate of Northwestern College in Orange City, IA (where he received his B.A. in Christian education and youth ministry), and Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI (M.Div), Aaron has been an ordained minister in the Reformed Church in America since 2007. As part of shared ministry with Rochester Reformed, Pastor Aaron splits his time between High Falls and Accord – seeking to proclaim the love of Christ, and to live out the gospel, in all aspects of life in these two communities.

Pastor Aaron loves to sing, laugh, and tell stories. He especially loves the story God tells through scripture and how it effects the lives of those he ministers to. Don’t be surprised if every moment of your life reminds him of a song lyric. Don’t be surprised if he over-shares his current thoughts on God, the Church, and theology. But do remain surprised how “earthy” his sense of humor gets…he’ll enjoy that.

Pastor Aaron does not hold specific office hours at either church but is available by appointment. Please do not hesitate to call him if you would like an appointment at either church or if you would like a home visit. (845)-594-2214 or contact him via email