pastor aaron at the 350th parade

Anyone else excited about the Philly Apple Pie ice cream coming back to Stewartís? I donít know when itís coming back, or even if it will, but typically it shows up in the fall Ė along with the pumpkin flavored ice cream. Which, while weíre on the subject, is the grossest ice cream flavor ever. I donít know why everything in autumn must suddenly taste like pumpkin, but letís be honest, if pumpkin was actually that versatile, it would be around all year long. Sorry Stewarts. Nothing against you. And hey, I do love your Philly Apple Pie ice cream.

Beyond the ice cream, I am really looking forward to autumn. The heat breaks. I donít have to mow as much. I stop resenting wearing shoes (itís a summer sandal thing). The children are back in church thanks to Sunday School. And life, generally, has a routine. In the summer, every weekend has some other, different, big summer thing to do. And then, during the week, at least at church, the regular stuff is on hiatus. That sounds great at the end of May, when the routine is wearing thin, but eventually not having a routine just starts to feel like chaos. In the end, Iím just like any kid. I love the idea of going on vacation, but once Iím there, after a couple days, I want my own bed and my regular bedtime.

Have you ever considered the basic human instinct to create order, and a routine, is why the Bible starts with the account of creation? That at the heart of what we all want is a God who brings order out of chaos? After all, the first chapter of the Bible (Genesis 1) is an account of God separating things. The light from the darkness. The day from the night. The waters from the land. Itís six days of dividing what had started out as formless. And this is the first thing weíre supposed to know about God: God creates order. Not that God creates stuff, but that God creates order out of stuff. Genesis 1 is not about creation out of nothing Ė it says there was already earth, water, and darkness. Itís about taking what already is, and giving it a shape, and giving it a name. Iím not saying God does not create out of nothing Ė the Bible does say that. But it is not the first thing we learn, and it is not the first thing that matters. What matters is knowing that God puts order to chaotic things. My life, your life, and everything else.

Iím sure as autumn gets under way, we at church, will bring order to our lives as well. Weíll solidify schedules for things like Bible studies, Confirmation Class, fundraisers, and even the schedule for 2020. By the way, stay tuned for the details on those things Ė some of it is still being worked out. Those ideas still need order and a form. But weíll get there, because itís what we do. Itís in us from God. We like order. We like giving things a form and a name. We like separating things. Now if only I could learn to enjoy separating myself from Philly Apple Pie ice cream.

God Bless, Pastor Aaron

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