Trip to Philadelphia Waterfront
with "Duck" Tour

On June 26, 2008, a group from the Community Reformed Church traveled to Philadelphia
for a tour of the Historic Area and the Delaware River waterfront.

Our vehicle for the tour was a "Duck" an amphibious bus that took us on land and water, for views of historic buildings and monuments and the Penn's Landing area. Our tour-guide, Tony, made it interesting and fun with his pre-scripted commentary with musical accompaniment while he drove the Duck on the streets of Philadelphia.

Before the Duck launched into the water, a "nautical-looking" gentleman took over the controls.

The highlight of our land-guide's performance was his rendition of "The YMCA," complete with the customary hand/arm signals to spell out the letters, Y M C A, while driving down a busy street with no hands on the steering wheel.

The group enjoyed lunch at a popular Philadelphia restaurant before returning to Whiting.

On the Classic Bus on the way to Philadelphia

Waiting to board the Duck

Our driver/guide on the Duck, Tony. (He did a great job)

View from the Duck (on land)

"Old Sailor" takes over to pilot Duck on water

A "Duck" leaves the launching ramp

View from under the bridge (aboard the Duck)

View of Penn's Landing

Another view from under the bridge

The "Duck" approaches the ramp to return to land






Tony doing "YMCA" on return trip

Photos by Joan Kruegel and Milt Poulos

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