Church of the Master

Reformed Church in America
2783 Lafayette Avenue
Bronx, New York 10465


Established in 1923

Church of the Master

History of Church of the Master

The Church of the Master, Reformed Church in America, was originally established at 2988 Eastern (now Bruckner) Boulevard off Logan Avenue by Rev. William Daily. It was called the Throggs Neck Reformed Church. The first service was held on Sunday, September 30, 1923.

The Chapel opened with Sunday school and Church Services on that Sunday with The Reverend O.M. Voorhees preaching his first sermon. The Reverend William P. Dailey was the first regular minister. On Thursday, May 14th, 1924, the Throggs Neck Reformed Church was formally organized by the New York Classis and the first elders and deacons were elected and ordained by the Reverend E. G. Meury, Chairman of the Church Extension Committee. Less than one month later, The Reverend Calvin G. Meury, was made supply minister.

In May, 1927, the congregation voted to change the name of the church to Church of the Master. On October 17th, 1944, the Congregation of the Zion Reformed Church was united with the Church of the Master.

In May, 1957, Reverend Charles R. Ausherman was ordained and installed as Pastor. Prior to his arrival, the City announced that Bracken Boulevard was soon to become an expressway and that the New England Expressway would pass within a few hundred feet of the church. The Protestant Council suggested that the Church of the Master seek to relocate its facilities in order to make an effective and continuing witness to the steadily growing community.

The congregation voted to build a new church at Lafayette and Swinton Avenues. They agreed to purchase the first parsonage in the church's history along with enough land on which to construct a new church. The down payment for the Lafayette Avenue house and plot was received on the night of that congregational meeting from the members present.

A new church building fund was launched and 104 families pledged over $34,000. The Board of Domestic Missions, the Classis of New York, the particular Synod of New York and the Collegiate Church provided loans while sister churches sent generous donations.

On March 22nd, 1959 a ground breaking ceremony was attended by a brave crowd which resisted one of the coldest and most blustery days on record.. The new church was constructed at 2785 Lafayette Avenue, opposite what was then J.H. S. 101. The first service in the new sanctuary was held in November of that year by Rev. Charles Ausherman, its pastor.

The Church of the Master is a small congregation, vibrant with commitment and enthusiasm. It is ripe for discerning new ways to approach ministry.

We are committed to the proclamation of the Gospel, the Celebration of the Sacraments and the nurturing of its members, as well as reaching out to the community.

The church is ethnically diverse and inclusive in its theology and outreach. Our church provides no stumbling block for anyone seeking the redemptive fellowship of grace and love. Our ministry encourages all members to use their gifts in preaching, teaching and service.

The congregation is comprised of people who have been members for over 60 years as well as recent receptions to the household of faith. There is a strong desire to grow, implement new programs, strengthen personal discipleship, study the Word, understand a responsible commitment to the local community and the world and to encourage personal faith and emphasize a practical living out of the faith in every day experiences i.e., at home, in the work-place and in response to community need.

The church has a number of groups that meet. Besides the Consistory, we have a dedicated choir that sings at every Sunday worship service. Twice a year, on Easter Sunday and the Sunday before Christmas, they prepare and perform a musical cantata. The Women's Guild holds a Women's Bible Study every Wednesday and once a month, sponsors a Community Luncheon. A Sunday morning Bible Study is held every week before the morning worship service.

Pastors Roll Call of Service

Serving from September 30th, 1923

The Rev. William P. Dailey

- September, 1923 - May, 1924

The Rev. Calvin Meury

- June, 1924 - may, 1926

The Rev. George Robertson

- December, 1926 - September, 1930

The Rev. Thomas Ross

- October, 1930 - March, 1932

The Rev. H. Roberto Harrison

- October, 1932, - November, 1934

The Rev. James Martin

- May, 1935 - May, 1944

The Rev. Albert Hahn

- June, 1944 - January, 1952

Mr. Wilson Prock [stated supply]

- March, 1952 - February, 1954

The Rev. William Carlough

- June, 1955 - June 1957

The Rev. Charles A. Ausherman

- June, 1957 - November, 1960

The Rev. William Von Seggern

- June, 1961 - February, 1966

The Rev. Elie De Lattre

- June, 1966 - April, 1975

The Rev. James Anderson

- April 1975 - October, 1985

The Rev. Timothy Pettit

- October, 1985 - June, 1988

The Rev. Sandra Damhof

- July, 1989 - May, 1995

Ms. Joyce Jennings [stated supply]

The Rev. Ronald Cadmus [Interim]

- November, 1997 -

The Rev. Patricia A. Singletary
[Classis of New York, Church Supervisor]

- September, 2007 -